Santa Barbara Sand is a bulk supplier of construction aggregate and sand.
We also carry certified landscape materials and have a certified landfill.
Our products meet a variety of construction certifications.

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Landscape Materials

Fill Dirt
Top Soil
Variety of Topsoil Blends
Walk on Bark
Nitrifed Redwood
Certified Playground Chips
Decomposed Granite
Landscape Rock, Variety of sizes 8”- 3 ft.
Brown + Blue shale


Wash sand
Concrete Sand
Wash Plaster
Fill- Sand
Yellow Sand for pipe line and foundations and for remediation work

3/8 Rock
1/2 Rock
3/4 Rock

1/2 - 2” Rock
3/8- 50/50 C-Mix
3/4- 50/50 C-mix
Recycle Base, meets Section 26 State of CA

Aggregate Marterials

We also carry certified landscape.

Materials and have a certified land fill.

We accept
AIC+Petro mat, Trimmed Concrete with rebar or wire size to be no bigger then 3X3.

Dirt or Dirt rock ( No Organics materials )


Land Fill